Mark your Calendars   FREE Public Talk!!!


Kelsang Vajra

Saturday, January 28th    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
South County Library
6303 Merriman Road
Roanoke, VA 
*not affiliated with, endorsed or
sponsored by Roanoke County Public Library.

Mark your calendars to join us for this special free event!   This free public talk will present practical teachings on compassion and wisdom from the inspiring text, "Modern Buddhism".  This book, by renowned author and meditation master, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, is a special  presentation of Buddha's teachings on compassion and wisdom that communicates their essence in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice.  American Buddhist Monk, Kelsang Vajra, will explain how the teachings and meditations of Modern Buddhism can bring great benefit to yourself, your family, and the whole world!  This talk is suitable and practical for everyone, Buddhist and non-Buddhist.   We look forward to seeing you at this special event!

Modern Buddhism is perfectly suited for inspiring those seeking solutions within Buddhism to problems of everyday life, as well as for encouraging practitioners of all faiths to deepen their understanding and practice of the spiritual path. 

This book reveals how to build a foundation for the spiritual path, how to progress on that path and how to complete it. With compassion and wisdom we can solve all our daily problems and accomplish the real meaning of our human life, and like two wings of a bird they will enable us to reach enlightenment quickly.

"By developing and maintaining compassion and wisdom in daily life, we can transform our lives, improve our relationships with others, and look behind appearances to see the way things actually exist.  In this way we can solve all our daily problems and accomplish the real meaning of our human life. With compassion and wisdom, like the two wings of a bird, we can quickly reach the enlightened world of a Buddha.",  Modern Buddishm