Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

A Special Meditation & Talk

with Kadam Morten Clausen
Thursday, March 15th
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Meditation is a simple and direct method for connecting with an underlying sense of peace, security and a recognition of our potential for change. Gaining experience in meditation gives us a place from which to let go of fear and anxiety. It revolutionizes our outlook, enabling us to approach life with a sense of purpose and adventure.


Kadam Morten Clausen is the Eastern US National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition and Resident Teacher at the Kadampa Meditation Center New York City, and also Bodh Gaya Center in Bayside, Queens. For over 30 years he has been a close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who gave him the title “Kadam,” indicating that he is a senior lay teacher of the Kadampa Tradition.

Kadam Morten met his teacher, Geshe Kelsang, while attending university in England. He taught widely throughout the UK and helped develop many Kadampa Centers in England. Kadam Morten has been teaching in the US for more than 20 years and has established centers throughout the New York area, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and was directly involved with the establishment of our local Center, Dharmapala over 15 years ago. 

In addition to his local teaching responsibilities, he teaches and guides retreats regularly throughout the United States and Europe.  Kadam Morten is greatly admired as a meditation teacher and is especially known for his clarity, humor and inspirational presentation of Dharma. His teachings are always practical and easy to apply to everyday life. Through his gentle and joyful approach and his peaceful example, he has helped many people find true happiness in their hearts.


Kadam Morten will guide two breathing meditations and answer any questions we may have. Everyone welcome. 

Pre-registration not required, but requested to help us prepare!

email  info@meditationINvirginia.org 

Kadam Morten Clausen
Eastern US Spiritual Director