Pure Mind, Pure World

Vajrasattva Chanted Prayer Retreat

Friday, May 19th - Sunday, May 21st
Come to one or all as your schedule allows!
Friday             7 pm - 8:30 pm
Saturday           9 am - 10 am
                           11 am - 12 pm
                             5 pm -  6 pm
                             7 pm - 8 pm
Sunday              9 am - 10 am
                           11 am - 12 pm 
                             5 pm -  6 pm
                             7 pm - 8 pm
Fee    $5 per session


Buddha Vajrasattva is the embodiment of the completely pure mind of all the Buddhas. Through purifying our negativity our mind will gradually become happier and our good qualities will increase.  Join us as we take this opportunity to engage in the chanted prayer practice of Buddha Vajrasattva.  Through this practice we can swiftly and joyfully receive the blessing to transform our minds and become free from the negativities and wounds of the past, enabling us to step into our potential for lasting freedom and happiness. 


Drop in and join us for one or all sessions as your schedule allows.  Everyone is welcome!





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