Where To Start

The General Program Drop-In Meditation classes are perfectly suited for busy modern people.  You don't have to be a Buddhist and you do not need previous meditation experience to enjoy and understand Buddha's teachings.  The teachings are easy to understand and practical to apply to our daily lives.  We offer General Program Drop-In Meditation Classes each week, see our Calendar for more details.  In these weekly drop-in meditation classes we learn how to make our mind calm and peaceful by training in meditation.  We learn to develop an inner peace that increases our ability to stay happy and positive, even in challenging circumstances. Training our minds through the practice of meditation helps us to improve our mental habits and the way we respond to people and situations in our life.  By using the simple yet profound techniques taught by Buddha, we learn how to develop minds of compassion and peace so we can be happy all the time and benefit ourselves and others. 


Also, check our calendar for chanted meditations throughout the month.  Workshops, retreats, and empowerments are also offered throughout the year at the to help us expand and deepen our meditation practice. 

What To Expect

Classes are taught by our Resident Teacher Barbara Stein, or by other experienced Kadampa teachers.  The General Program Drop-In Meditation classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners.  Meditation is a simple and profound method to improve the quality of our lives and develop inner peace.


Everyone is welcome! Chairs and cushions are available for seating.  A class fee of $10 is requested to attend each class.  Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of ability to pay.  Please ask about discounts.


  • Classes begin with a guided breathing meditation for relaxation, which helps to reduce our distractions and set an intention to benefit our self and others.


  • The teacher will present a teaching based on the teachings of Buddha, emphasizing how we can apply it and make the teaching practical to our busy daily lives.


  • After the teaching, there is an opportunity to ask the teacher any questions that may have popped up for you during class.


  • Class concludes with a guided meditation that helps us to gain personal experience of the teaching and practice.


Meditation is a simple and profound method to improve the quality of our lives and develop inner peace.